Corporate Education

We offer highly customizable design thinking trainings and workshops for external partners that are designed to encourage collaboration, critical thinking, and iterative decision making.

Innovation Training

The da Vinci Center for Innovation offers highly customizable design thinking, change management, and innovation training for external partners. These facilitated trainings and simulations are well-suited for government agencies, corporations, non-profits, education, and health care sites. Workshops offer simulations of varying lengths that are delivered through a live in-person or online learning experience. Trainings are designed to encourage collaboration, critical thinking, and iterative decision making. Facilitated debriefs are designed to reflect on strategy, explore how personal experiences sway decisions, and apply the framework to real-life challenges.

da Vinci Center Sponsors

Experience Innovation | Aware Virtual

Immersive 90-minute workshop

ExperienceInnovation™ | Aware Virtual provides a compelling case for putting customers at the center of problem-solving and an awareness of the mindset, habits, tools, and techniques of an Innovator. Participants can use the tools and techniques of human-centered design to successfully problem solve and drive innovation in their everyday work.


  • How to use an empathetic, user-centered mindset to understand problems to generate innovative solutions
  • Ideation and the refinement of concepts for solutions
  • How to test and validate solutions to identify the ones that are likely to produce desired business outcomes 

Experience Innovation | Learn Virtual

Human-centered 4-hour program

In ExperienceInnovation™ | Learn Virtual, participants are guided through the essentials of a typical fourmonth innovation project with our highly engaging and proprietary simulation, which gives them a safe space and structured method to practice human-centered thinking. Participants learn how to identify business problems that can be solved with human-centered thinking, observe users to deeply understand who they’re solving for, form unique and actionable insights based on user observation and create low-fidelity experiments to validate possible solutions.


  • An awareness of and support for human-centered design as an approach to problem-solving
  • The process, tools and techniques of human-centered design and what types of problems it can help solve for
  • An empathetic and user-centered approach to understanding problems and who you’re solving for, so you can generate innovative solutions
  • Learn how to brainstorm and refine possible solutions
  • Understand how to test and validate solutions in order to identify the ones that are likely to produce desired business outcomes

Experience Change | Virtual

Fully immersive 1- to 3-day change management simulation

ExperienceChange™ is an expert-guided workshop that teaches both the “what to do” and “how to be” of successful change. Leaders and managers are challenged to roll up their sleeves and tackle a realistic change project. More than 75% of their time is spent on team-based project work, leading a change from analysis through to planning and implementation. The experience delivers the essentials of a year-long change journey in a one- to three-day workshop*, enabling people to engage with the behaviors, tools and skill sets that make change happen. They leave with the confidence, process and practice to immediately start leading change and making an impact. *The simulation is designed as a 1-day experience. Leaders are encouraged to follow-up with a 1-2 day facilitated change workshop to apply simulated principles to a company-specific challenge.


  • How to develop a shared approach to change management.
  • Strengthen credibility with stakeholders through engagement and alignment.
  • Create a framework for introducing new products, processes and technologies to create competitive advantage.
  • Ideate and adapt in a changing environment.

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