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MPI Application Deadline 

June 15

Integrating arts, business, and engineering principles, students in the Master of Product Innovation learn advanced product innovation and entrepreneurship topics pertaining to conceptualization, development, and commercialization of new products and services. Unique instruction and team-based experiential learning opportunities culminate in a master’s project where students develop a real product, build a business, and take the next leap into their professional careers. The program emphasizes product innovation and teamwork skills so that graduates can take on key leadership roles that stimulate the creation, development, and management of new products and businesses.


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Graduate Certificate in Health Care Innovation, Application Deadline

Graduate Certificate in Health Care Innovation Application Deadline 

June 15

The Graduate Certificate in Health Care Innovation, a collaboration between the VCU School of Nursing and the VCU da Vinci Center, is one of the first of its kind. The certificate equips students with specific knowledge and skills to become leaders in developing digital and physical products, as well as processes related to the development and implementation of innovative solutions to health care issues, such as rising costs and improving quality and access to care. The curriculum focuses on merging principles of leadership in health care and principles of product innovation and emphasizes the analysis of organization and clinical processes for effective operations to improve quality and safety.


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SHIFT Summer Showcase

SHIFT Summer Showcase

August 4


Have a product/service/idea that you want feedback on? Apply to be featured at our Summer SHIFT Showcase where you will be able to display your product/service/idea and interact with customers to take your product/service/idea to the next level.

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Join us and take a look at the future with the first showcase of the SHIFT Retail Lab! This showcase is open to students, faculty, investors, and community members seeking to network, strengthen, and support Richmond's entrepreneurial ecosystem. The Retail Lab supports VCU’s growing culture of student entrepreneurship. All are welcome and we hope to see you there!

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