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undergraduate info sessions

Undergraduate Info Sessions

Are you interested in working with other students across different disciplines? Are you fascinated by creating solutions to complex problems? Have you always wanted to start a business or nonprofit?

Attend an info session to learn about our undergraduate certificates at the daVinci Center. We’ll explain exactly what a certificate is and then talk about our programs in Product Innovation, Venture Creation, as well as our classes in human-centered design and how they fit into your academic plans.

This is a virtual event open to all current and prospective VCU students.


Design Thinking

Design-thinking is all about collaboration and problem-solving.

There is an increasing emphasis on skills such as design thinking, problem-solving, adaptability and empathy to current as well as future job roles. VCU da Vinci Center is offering the opportunity to earn an “Introduction to Design Thinking” credential. Learn more >>

An immersive 120-minute workshop on the practice of human-centered thinking. Delivered by an ExperiencePoint-trained facilitator, this experience gives participants the opportunity to actively engage in their learning.

Register for an upcoming workshop to earn a certificate in Design Thinking!