Master of Product Innovation

Some Rams Are Unicorns

A cross-disciplinary master’s program focused on students applying knowledge in advanced product innovation and entrepreneurship topics with real-life clients.

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Healthcare Innovation

The Master of Product Innovation degree is a program designed for the unique demands of today's innovation landscape. Integrating arts, business and engineering principles, students in the Master of Product Innovation learn advanced product innovation andentrepreneurship topics pertaining toconceptualization, development, and commercialization of new products and services. Unique instruction and team-basedexperiential learning opportunities culminate in a master’s project where students develop a real product, build a business, and take the next leap into their professional careers. The program emphasizes product innovation and teamwork skills so that graduates can take on key leadership roles that stimulate the creation, development and management of new products and businesses. The da Vinci Center's programs are cross-disciplinary and applied. Students from design, business, engineering, humanities, and sciences come together to learn the strengths of each others disciplines and hone their skills through work on applied projects.

Fall Application Deadline: June 15

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As a student, you will graduate with the ability to...

  • Plan, apply, and execute product innovation skills for developing and launching new products and services;
  • Serve as an interface between different departments and disciplines within an organization;
  • Become an effective product innovation team leader and project manager;
  • Utilize innovation and entrepreneurial mindset and methodologies;
  • Develop strategy and roadmaps for maximizing product innovation performance by teams and business units;
  • Translate opportunities into product specifications, commercial concepts, and eventual new product introductions.
  • Develop their own product, service or business and work towards capital.


"The MPI program allowed me to have the time and space to let my curiosity fly. I have been able to dive into a variety of topics and projects that have helped to shape my perspective on innovation and approaches to making an impact."

-Isaiah Harvin
Product Manager at HBO Max, WarnerMedia
Class of 2020

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"My experience at the da Vinci Center enabled me to pivot my career - I was able to expand my network of industry professionals and build a new network of collaborators and influencers."

-Shannon Eastwood
Director of Strategy at Mobelux
Class of 2018

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"The MPI program is where I honed my customer first mindset."

- Jimmy Ricks,
Product Manager, Conversational AI Products at Capital One
Class of 2018

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