da Vinci STEM Scholars Program

The da Vinci STEM Scholars Program is a collaboration of VCU’s School of Engineering and da Vinci Center.


The goal of the STEM Scholars Program is to provide undergraduate and graduate students interactive, cross-disciplinary experiences to help them meet the innovation challenges of the 21st century. STEM scholars will have opportunity for hands-on, discovery-oriented, team-based learning experiences where product innovation is the principal objective.


All da Vinci Center STEM Scholars MUST:

Scholarship selection will be based on scholastic performance, personal statement, references and financial need.


  • Tuition financial support
  • Mentoring relationships with faculty and peers
  • Learning strategies to increase undergraduate success
  • Extensive graduate school preparation
  • Networking opportunities
Per Student Amount
Target Audience Term of Scholarship
depending financial need
Seniors and Graduate Students Three Years

Complete the Scholarship Application here

For more information, please contact Dr. Rosalyn Hobson Hargraves, Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Teaching and Learning at lmwaller@vcu.edu.