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Our ideas? Infinite. Our potential? Limitless. Every day, we try something new. We are curious, adventurous, dynamic. We are committed to change.


But we’re not about moving on; we’re about moving forward. We want more, not more of the same. More ideas. More creators. More perspectives. And more opportunities to showcase them. 


We are here to push that potential, not limit it. To open doors and break down walls. To embrace innovators and dreamers. To shift towards a brighter future.

. . . . .


Shift Retail Lab at VCU is a multifunctional retail space where past and present VCU students can showcase their work to gain insights and test their products, services, and ideas with real world customers. Applications for founders are rolling, apply here.


The Grand Opening will be during Homecoming Week this Fall, join our mailing list to stay informed, click here.


Construction of Shift Retail Lab is made possible thanks to a partnership with Hourigan Group. Branding created by students from VCU Brandcenter.




VCU Entrepreneurship Academy