1.618 LLC

The student team developed a web-based application along with a sustainable business plan. The aim was to develop the application so that a new venture could be formed and attract capital. The students made a series of presentations to angel investors and learned about entrepreneurship first-hand.

Student Team

  • Corey Grunewald (Arts)
  • Adam Daniels (Engineering)
  • Alex Krall (Engineering)
  • Ryan Swan (Business)
  • Rebecca Terry (Business)
  • Maggie Vanderpol (Business)

Faculty Advisor

  • Mr. Joe Cipolla, Instructor, Department of Information Technology

Women’s Empowerment Initiative

Through sponsorship by Ms. Sheila Johnson, the project directive was to develop a business case (high-level business plan) for organizing and implementing an initiative to spur women empowerment and entrepreneurship in the Richmond area. A team comprising students and faculty from VCU’s School of the Arts, Business, Engineering, and Social Work was formed in early June 2010 and plans are to work on the project through the fall 2010 semester.

Student Team

  • Cassandra Harris (Business)
  • Sonia Gopal (Engineering)
  • Yesenia Villalta (Social Work)
  • Elizabeth Zachariah (Engineering)
  • Michaela Hatcher (Business)

Faculty Advisors

  • Dr. Vennie Filippas, Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Dr. Kenneth Kahn, Professor of Marketing
  • Dr. Tony Mallon, Assistant Professor of Social Work
  • Ms. Allison Schumacher, Instructor, Department of Graphic Design
  • Dr. Carolyn Strand Norman, Professor of Accounting