The Martin Agency

An interdisciplinary team of students and faculty from VCU Schools of the Arts, Business, and Engineering was tasked with conducting detailed assessments of the acetaminophen market for infants and children and coming up with favorable dosing solutions.

Student Team

  • Catherine Gellatly (Arts, Craft & Material Studies)
  • Christina Walinski (Engineering, Biomedical)
  • Moria Pruefer (Arts, Communication Arts)
  • Chioma Urama (Business, Marketing)
  • Kathleen Barron (Engineering, Chemical & Life Science)
  • Krystin Jones (Business, Marketing)

Faculty Advisor

  • Robert Meganck, Professor & Department Chair, Communication Arts


VCU Office of the Provost

The project team was tasked with researching, identifying, and designing a robust STEAM-H program for youth, in collaboration with VCU’s Office of the Provost, academic departments, and the Mary and Frances Youth Center.

Student Team

  • Lawrence Hancock (Business, Entrepreneurship)
  • Becky Moran (Arts, Communication Arts)
  • LaTonia (Hampton University/VCU Noyce Scholar, Humanities, Mathematics)
  • Jacob Park (Engineering, Biomedical)

Faculty Advisor

  • Dr. Kenneth B. Kahn, Professor and da Vinci Center Director, Department of Marketing