We take risks, not tests.

The 21st century calls for creative thinkers with an entrepreneurial/intrapreneurial mindset.  The VCU da Vinci Center answers this call by helping students harness these competencies through real life projects. We prepare students to transform their ideas into action. 

Entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs have many things in common; such as creative thinking, problem-solving, resourcefulness and ability to deal with ambiguity, the vision for greatness grounded in the desire to improve the pain points of the everyday, and relentless curiosity. Our graduate programs leverage tools from entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, design thinking, and innovation.

Master of Product Innovation

A cross-disciplinary master’s program focused on students applying knowledge in advanced product innovation, entrepreneurship, and intrapreneurship topics with real-life clients.

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Graduate Certificate in Health Care Innovation

A collaboration with VCU School of Nursing, this certificate is designed for innovators who want to create user-centric health care solutions.

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Shift Retail Lab

As a recipient of the 2022 World Changing Ideas Awards for Fast Company, Shift Retail Lab provides an important space for student entrepreneurs to test their ideas through sales and customer feedback.

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